Alex & Jonna - Bachata in two levels (almost) every Wednesday!

Helsingin tanssikurssit are having the Finnish 2017 Bachata champions Alex and Jonna and they will be teaching bachata in Pakila, Pakilantie 64.

Alex and Jonna are a dance couple since 2016 and they would like to share their passion to spread bachata style in Finland.

They will teach 2 classes 85 minutes each and the teaching will be mainly in English although Jonna also explains all the information in Finnish if needed: [opetuskieli on siis englanti mutta Jonna selvittää kaiken tarvittavan infon myös suomeksi.]

From 18:00 to 19:25 beginners/improvers class for true beginners who haven’t danced bachata before or they have been dancing bachata or any other couple dance style. This course introduces you the basics of bachata and it combines our April alkeet+alkeisjatko courses.

From now on we have also to offer an upper level class and so from 19:35 to 21:00 there will be a intermediate/advanced class for dancers who already know the basic patterns of bachata and would like to reach further. We will learn more complex variations to strengthen your fundamentals, leading, following techniques to understand the circular movement of bachata.

"Bachata is the timeless interpretation of happiness and all what you need is Bachata."

We are so excited to see you there and to share our passion for the bachata.

One course cost you 13 €, for students and unemployed 10 € - no certificates needed, just tell us! If you're taking both courses, the price would be 20 € or 14 € accordingly. We accept cash, ePassi and Smartum notes.

At least for now we unfortunately will not have classes on May 23rd.

We foster pair balance and therefore you have to register in advance to - how could we otherwise guarantee you the pair balance? 

We conform in our courses pair change but if you want to participate as a fixed pair, that's ok too.

Parking slots are on the first half of premices of Pakinkylän VPK (Pakilan VPK) and if they are already reserved you can park freely at Kyläkunnantie beneath.

You are most warmly welcomed by

-Alex &Jonna and Markku-